Day 36. Teams

October 10, 2017

Who are these teams we keep talking about?!?! 


Y'all the Lord knows we need the entire body to finish the work started in Splendora, and so He keeps on sending His children! 

 We've had teams from New Mexico, Colorado, TX, Missouri, and Florida.  Many of them are friends of our staff, many are friends of friends, some are churches who've heard about Harvey and want to lend a hand. 


Some teams come for a day, some for a weekend, and still others will stay for an entire week.  They are taking time off of work, they are bringing supplies for homes, they are bringing manpower and expertise. 

Currently, the teams from Colorado are staying with our NBRI

staff, which is truly a blessing to us.  We get to enjoy their company, hear their stories, laugh and forge new friendships.  And our church members, friends and neighbors have all helped provide meals for the teams with such generosity.


Some teams don't even look like teams.  They are friends and family that have loaded their cars with appliances, bedding, and deep freezers full of food and brought them to Texas.  We have even been known to put our parents to work! 


Be careful...if you visit, you become a part of a team!


Right now we working in Texas with teams from Colorado, eating breakfast that was made in Mississippi (frozen and brought down), lunch cooked by a Michigan woman (visiting family in Houston) and dinner provided by East Asian Missionaries home on furlough. 

 Of course, there are the team members we don't actually see.  The ones who have given generously, the ones who continue to share, and the ones who plead on their knees in prayer for the work to be done and Christ to be made known.  We need all these team members! 


The body of Christ is a beautiful thing and it is really incredible to watch it at work, and be a part of it. 



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