Day 38. Hope.

October 6, 2017


Hope - a desire accompanied by the expectation of or belief in fulfillment. 


The last ten days we've had teams from Missouri, and Colorado, and McAllen, Texas come to assist in rebuilding.  Y'all, they have offered a whole lot of hope! 




Unrelentingly, they have worked from sun up to sun down in the heat and rain to install new plumbing, electricity, insulation and sheet rock.  Each day, progress is made and buildings are beginning to look like homes again! 



Not only are they giving the home owners hope, but they are giving our NBRI staff hope as well.  God is using these teams, local churches and individual friends in incredible ways.  They provide food when we ask.  They provide supplies. They provide fresh energy and hard work.  They provide the manpower we need.  They provide the expertise we don't have. 


They provide hope.   God is using His children to give hope. 


Our NBRI staff is so encouraged and strengthened by the body of believers rallying around to rebuild, restore, and share Jesus.  We see all the sacrifices being made by teams, churches, and individuals and we are hopeful. They are a constant reminder that the body of Christ is made up of many parts, and all are essential and important. 


Eternal Hope - a firm assurance and confident expectation that what God promises in His word is true.  


We know that the rebuilding  process will come to completion one day.  We know homes will be restored and daily life will continue and the storm and its devastation will only be a memory.  By Gods provision and His will all the hopes we have in completing the rebuilding process will be fulfilled. 


However, our ultimate goal is not merely rebuilding and restoring homes.  Our desire is to partake in and share eternal hope, a hope not fulfilled in the completion of a building, but in the completion of the work Christ accomplished on the cross. 


We thank God for reminding us of our hope in Him, His word, and His promises.  We thank God for the support and encouragement of everyone who has, and continues to, come along side to serve and share this eternal hope. 




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