Day 20. Strangers become friends.

September 18, 2017


We've mentioned in previous posts that because of the destruction of Hurricane Harvey, so many neighbors and communities have rallied and through the ordeal are growing much closer.  


It is almost impossible to explain, but we've experienced this "bonding" through every major storm here in Houston.


-In preparation: 2 days before the storm as everyone is at the store buying water, batteries and bread...people are actually talking to each other.  "I saw extra bread on aisle 3" or "were you around for the last Hurricane?" or "oh, stocking up on coffee, that's a good idea".  Talking.


- In the midst of the storm: neighbors are out checking on water levels and neighbors.  Facebook became a dispatching center for people who needed rescued and people with boats who could rescue.  Our truck became a taxi for strangers to shelters.  Homes that weren't flooded opened to those in need.  Neighbors bringing over food they have to help feed the extra people acquired during evacuations or power outages.  If you weren't flooded in then you were gathering supplies, making food, assisting boat launches. Helping.


- After the storm: the minute the water began to recede, the damage was assessed, the work began.  The general rule was, if you weren't flooded you were mucking out the home of someone who was, or you were making food for families.  Facebook now became a market place for those in need and those willing to share.  In every direction people are working together. Sacrifice. 


It's not just the communities here locally building new relationships,  we are witnessing volunteers from all over the US pour into our area and building relationships with them as well.   


Strangers are becoming friends.  


The first weekend of recovery we had a team from NM, followed by a team from Haiti Bible Mission to help with the disgusting process of mucking out homes.  Then we had a crew from Pennsylvania drive a truck down full of supplies donated from Penn State athletes and community.  We have worked with guys from Wisconsin, Florida, and Oklahoma.  We didn't know any of these crews before the storm.


Strangers are becoming friends.


Even now we are coordinating with churches from Colorado (pictured above) who desire to bring skilled volunteer workers over the new few weeks/months to help with rebuilding.  Sharing a meal, providing a place to stay, collaborating on the best way to move forward.  Last night was the first time we met them.  




Strangers are becoming friends.



For some, these new friendships are only that...friendships.  But for our staff at NBRI, these new friendships are so much more.  They are a reminder that the body of Christ is deep and wide.  They are a reminder of the bond that we have as adopted children into the body of Christ.  They are a reminder that God takes care of His children and then uses His children to take care of others that His name can be glorified.  They are a reminder of Gods goodness to provide.  They are actually a reminder of eternity. 


We are and continue to be continually thankful and encouraged by everyone who has donated their time, money, and resources.  We are thankful for those who have prayed and continue to pray as we work with the goal of sharing the gospel through the rebuilding of homes.  






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