Day 17. Preparations

September 16, 2017


Boy are we thankful for skilled workers right now!  As we wait for moisture levels in homes to go down, we are preparing for rebuild in other ways.  Today we had new wiring for electricity installed.  


This particular place is a mobile home in Splendora, and you can see from the photo that our electrician is actually standing on solid ground through what was once the homes flooring.  


We are looking for ways to be productive and purposeful with our time until sheetrock can be installed.  This waiting time can extremely difficult for the home owners.  Currently they are displaced, some staying in shelters, others in hotels (which FEMA has provided some vouchers but not for lengthy periods), many are staying with family members, and others are staying on their property - either in tents or cars.  


It has been such an encouragement to see donation centers full of the basic things people need in order to return to work or school. Everyday we see social advertisements for free hot cooked food and have encountered many people driving around in their vehicles handing out sandwiches or hot dinners.   People whose homes did not flood have opened their doors in beautiful ways.  We have witnessed many picking up dirty laundry, washing it and returning it clean and folded.  We have watched them take muddy dishes (the river water left its mark on everything in the home) wash and rewash them in dishwashers to remove the thick layer of grime.  We have even seen them open their doors and invite others to live with them.   


We are watching strangers become friends.  


As always, thank you for your donations and please continue to share as we continue to rebuild for the glory of God.

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