Day Two. The work begins.

August 31, 2017


This is today.


Those who can get to their home (some homes are still under water) begin the long process of rebuilding. This is what it looks like. Pulling out wet flooring, sheet rock, base boards and unloading every possession in your home. Sorting through what can be saved and what cannot.


This is a long, hard road.


Please help by donating. In Texas, flooding is not included in normal home owner insurance. The majority of people we are working with will have to rebuild completely on their own. No insurance involved. These are blue-collared families and they need help.


Understand we will be rebuilding for months. Pass on to your fellow workers, churches, family members. For the glory of God and by His mercy, we have the man power, we need the FUNDS.


To donate:

100% of money donated goes to relief, no admin or overhead costs.

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