Day Seven. Hopes and Goals.

September 5, 2017


For the glory of God and by His mercy alone, our guys are still hard at work. They couldn't do it without the many volunteers.


Our hope and goal is not only to muck out these homes, but also be a part of the rebuilding process. We've worked in 15 homes so far and everyone of them is going to need new sheetrock, beds, toilets, sinks, dishes, basically they are starting from scratch. As you can see everything they owned is now on the curb.  This video shows our crews even removing bathtubs.


Thanks to all who have donated and shared our posts, the work is only beginning, but we pray as we continue to work alongside those affected by Harvey flooding, God would use the relationships and relief efforts to spread the gospel of Jesus. Please join us in praying for our staff and volunteers to be intentional about the everlasting hope we have in Jesus!


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