Day 6. Mucking a home.

September 4, 2017

A big thank you for all those who have donated and shared our posts regarding flood relief from Hurricane Harvey. For the glory of God and by His mercy alone, we've had teams working for 6 days to muck out homes in small communities. We are thankful for the help from our partners, Kennedy Fab, local churches and many volunteers (some who have traveled from other states). 


Mucking out the homes right now is extremely important. It is essential to get all the wet materials out of the home and allow the home to dry as quickly as possible. In the last 5 days we have worked in over 13 homes. Many people who have never experienced a flood have asked us what "mucking" looks like. Hopefully this short video will help. The actual process takes 1 to 2 days depending on the number of people helping and size of the home. 



While workers gut the home, other volunteers are bringing food and water. Its hot and humid outside, and the smell of the

homes is just plain awful. 


But as you can see from the video, at the end of the process, is hope. The house looks completely different and ready for rebuilding. The rebuilding process will be slow. In the flood (depending on the water level) everything is lost...all appliances, furniture, clothing. Look around your house right now, all the "stuff" you see - gone. Rebuilding will take time, but it will come. Thanks to your many donations, we can be a part of that process. 


We returned to a home today and the owner said, "you came back!" He thought after we cleaned the home we would be gone, but no, we came back. We came back to help his neighbors, we came back with a warm dinner, we came back with the gospel of Jesus. And our plan is to keep coming back. 

Right now these people cannot live in their homes, so they are displaced. Some are staying at their property, living in trucks or tents. Others have family or friends that are providing shelter. It really is incredible to see how so many different people, play such different (yet important) roles in the process. 


Please continue to follow our relief efforts. Please continue to share these posts and please continue to donate. Mostly, please continue to pray, because these are relationships we are pursuing for the sake of the gospel.

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