Day 15. Unique Donors

September 14, 2017


We are really quite overwhelmed with the generosity of everyone who has donated.  Most of you are from other areas, never having even visited our community before, and yet you give!  Our words will never fully express our gratitude.  The photos will never fully capture the full extent of damage and repair.   The simple updates will never paint a complete picture of what is happening on the ground here.  But none of it is possible without the provision of the Lord, and He has used your generosity greatly.  


It is actually quite astonishing to sit on this side...the side accepting donations.  To see people from all over the country donating, some we know, many we do not.  It is also exciting to see how creative our donors have been.  Here are three examples we had to share...


1.  A Girl Scout Troop from Georgia decided to bake dog treats and sell them to raise money for hurricane relief efforts.  Y'all, they raised almost $1200.00!  They divided the money between different organizations in the Houston area, and sent some of it our way.  

Thanks sweet girls! 


2.  A local filmmaker out of Austin Texas put together a short sketch, linking our donation site to the film.  Thanks Brandon Reich films for using your talents and spreading the word about Harvey Relief efforts! 


 3. A talented artist from New Mexico created anchor prints and is selling them for $15 with all proceeds benefiting NBRI.  You can purchase them for yourself or sponsor a print to be given to one of the families we are working with.  If you are interested email her:  You can also check out her beautiful design shop - 5 to Revive here. 

It is so true that faith sharpens faith and this entire experience, from rain, to muck, to donations, to rebuild has been exactly that.  It is truly an honor to see the body of Christ in action for His name and His glory.


Thanks again for all of your donations, your support, your prayers and for sharing our info.





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