Day 14. Step by Step

September 12, 2017


Step by step.With electricity restored and the thumbs up to move forward, we are beginning the rebuilding process. Last week we mucked out these homes and today, because of Gods great provision, we returned to rip out flooring, salvage wood flooring, and begin the preparation to replace floors.  


This family, along with others in this particular neighborhood, cannot hire anyone to replace their walls or floors, so it is with grateful hearts we come alongside with donated materials and volunteers to help them rebuild.


It has been a week and thankfully most of the smell is gone but you can see from the video the water level was so high we had to remove all the sheetrock and the family lost everything they owned. You can also see the piles of debris still lining the streets.


It is through these hours of rebuilding labor that relationships are built. Relationships that may have not been built otherwise. Our prayer is that through the hours spent together, these families can see the love and selflessness of God through his children. Our prayer is for intentional conversations that point to the truth of Gods grace. Please pray that we represent Him well and that we do not waste any opportunity to proclaim the gospel. Thanks for all your donations and for continuing to share these posts.


Remember, 100% of all funds go directly to aid, no overhead or administration fees are deducted.  Donate:

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